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glary harshly dazzling; glaring.
glasnost an official Russian policy of openness and candor in social and political discussions.
glass a hard, breakable, usu. transparent material made from silica and metallic oxides and used for windows, bottles, mirrors, and the like. [5 definitions]
glass blowing the art or process of shaping glass by blowing air through a tube that holds a mass of molten glass at one end.
glasses shortened form of "eyeglasses."
glassful the quantity a glass can hold when full.
glassine a thin, tough, nearly transparent paper used in packaging, as for book jackets and envelope windows.
glassless combined form of glass.
glass snake any of several limbless lizards of the southern United States or of Europe and Asia, having a tail that snaps or breaks off easily.
glassware objects made of glass, esp. for a table setting.
glass wool fibers of spun glass that resemble wool and are used in insulation and air filters.
glasswort any of several fleshy plants that are found in salt marshes or the like, having succulent stems and scalelike leaves, the ash of which was formerly used in making glass.
glassy having qualities of glass, such as smoothness, slipperiness, or transparency. [2 definitions]
glaucoma a progressively disabling disease of the eye marked by increased pressure in and hardening of the eyeball.
glaucous of or pertaining to a light bluish green color. [2 definitions]
glaze to install glass in (a window). [9 definitions]
glazier a person who is trained to install window glass.
glazing the act of cutting and fitting glass in a window or the like. [3 definitions]
gleam a slight, sudden, or brief flash or beam of light; glint. [5 definitions]
glean to gather or discover (facts, information, or the like) a little at a time. [4 definitions]
gleanable combined form of glean.