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glint a brief flash or flicker of reflected light, as from a mirror or smooth metal surface. [4 definitions]
glissade a controlled, skillful slide down a snowy or icy slope while on skis, a toboggan, or the like. [3 definitions]
glissando performed by playing or sounding a rapid succession of consecutive tones of a scale, as by sliding one or more fingers over the keys of a piano. [3 definitions]
glisten to shine with reflected light, sometimes sparkling and sometimes softly lustrous. [2 definitions]
glitch (informal) a minor problem, mishap, malfunction, or defect, as in a machine or plan. [2 definitions]
glitter to shine brightly, with sparkling or lustrous reflected light. [6 definitions]
glitz (informal) extreme showiness or gaudy, ostentatious sophistication.
glitzy (informal) shining or sparkling as with glitter; glittery. [2 definitions]
gloaming late evening; dusk; twilight.
gloat to feel or express pleasure, pride, or satisfaction, often at someone else's expense. [2 definitions]
glob a small drop, ball, or blob; globule. [2 definitions]
global having to do with the whole earth; worldwide; universal. [3 definitions]
globalism the policy or attitude of putting global or worldwide concerns before national ones.
globalization the process or idea of the world becoming more like that of a single nation with one shared economy and culture rather than separate, distinct countries.
global positioning device a navigational device, usu. hand-held or installed in a vehicle, that uses the Global Positioning System, a global satellite positioning system, or other similar means to determine one's exact location.
Global Positioning System a public satellite navigation system designed and controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense that provides an accurate global time reference and is used to determine a precise location on Earth.
global village the world considered as a single community, made so by modern air travel, mass media, and the like.
global warming an increase in global temperatures believed to be caused in part by the greenhouse effect.
globe the earth (usu. prec. by "the"). [6 definitions]
globefish any of various fishes that have or are capable of assuming a spherical, globular shape, such as the ocean sunfish and the puffer.
globetrotter someone who travels often and has been to many parts of the world.