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glory great honor, distinction, praise, or renown. [8 definitions]
glory days a time in the past when someone or something flourished.
gloss1 a shine or sheen on a surface; luster. [4 definitions]
gloss2 an explanatory note, such as a translation of an unusual, foreign, or technical expression, placed between the lines or in the margin of a text or manuscript. [3 definitions]
glossary a list of unusual, difficult, or technical words and their definitions, usu. placed at the end of a book. [2 definitions]
glossolalia see "speaking in tongues."
glossy having a smooth, shiny surface or appearance. [5 definitions]
glottal of or articulated in the glottis.
glottal stop a speech sound made by momentarily closing the glottis and then abruptly releasing it.
glottis the elongated opening between the vocal cords in the upper portion of the larynx.
glove a covering for the hand, usu. made of cloth or leather and having separate sections for each finger and the thumb. [5 definitions]
glove compartment a small storage area built into an automobile's dashboard, usu. on the passenger's side.
glover one who makes or sells gloves.
glow light given off by something very hot but flameless, or light that appears to be given off in this way. [6 definitions]
glower to look or stare with sullenness, anger, or animosity; scowl. [2 definitions]
glowworm any of several insects of the beetle family with abdominal organs that give off light, such as the larvae or wingless females of the firefly.
gloxinia any of several tropical houseplants with large downy leaves and bell-shaped flowers of various colors.
glucose a form of sugar that occurs naturally in fruits, plants, and animal tissues; grape sugar. [2 definitions]
glucoside any of several chemical compounds that yield glucose when treated with an acid or enzyme.
glue a thick, sticky liquid used as an adhesive, such as the substance derived from hoofs, skins, and other animal proteins by boiling these in water. [2 definitions]
glue sniffing the potentially brain-damaging act or practice of inhaling the fumes of certain types of glue, such as model airplane glue, and thereby becoming intoxicated, giddy, or the like.