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Goth a member of a Germanic people who invaded the Roman Empire during the third through fifth centuries A.D. [2 definitions]
Gothic of or relating to the style of architecture that was popular from the twelfth through the mid-sixteenth century in Europe, characterized by its pointed arches and ribbed vaults. [7 definitions]
Gothic arch a pointed arch.
go to any lengths to ignore possible danger, discomfort, or inconvenience in pursuing a goal.
go to pieces to lose emotional or mental stability or control; collapse.
go to pot to go to ruin; become ruined.
go to rack and ruin to become dilapidated, as through neglect; decay.
go to seed of a plant, to reach the stage of producing seeds. [2 definitions]
go to the dogs (informal) to seriously decline or deteriorate; degenerate.
gotten a past participle of get.
gotu kola a small creeping plant used in herbal medicine; Centella. [2 definitions]
gouache a technique of painting by using a mixture of opaque watercolors and a gum preparation. [3 definitions]
Gouda a mild, yellow, semisoft cheese, usu. coated in red wax.
gouge a type of chisel with a blade shaped like a scoop, used primarily on wood. [7 definitions]
goulash a Hungarian dish made of stewed meat and vegetables seasoned with paprika and usu. served with noodles. [2 definitions]
go up in smoke to end or disappear abruptly before a goal can be realized; fail to be carried out.
gourami any of various freshwater fishes native to Asia, often brightly colored and popular for keeping in aquariums.
gourd the fruit of any of a number of plants related to the squash, esp. the dried and decorative shells of some varieties. [3 definitions]
gourde the chief monetary unit of Haiti, equaling one hundred centimes.
gourmand someone who takes great pleasure in eating and drinking, often to excess.
gourmet someone who appreciates and is knowledgeable about well-prepared food, fine wines, and the like. [2 definitions]