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gourmet someone who appreciates and is knowledgeable about well-prepared food, fine wines, and the like. [2 definitions]
gout a painful disorder characterized by the accumulation of uric acid salts in the joints. [2 definitions]
gouty of, pertaining to, or characteristic of gout. [4 definitions]
Gov. abbreviation of "Governor," one who governs a political unit, esp. a U.S. state. [2 definitions]
govern to rule over or in by political or sovereign authority. [5 definitions]
governable combined form of govern.
governance the act, process, manner, or power of exercising authority and control; government. [2 definitions]
governess a woman hired to care for and teach the child or children of a family.
government the direction and control exercised politically over people living in a community, state, or nation. [4 definitions]
governor one who governs a political unit, esp. a U.S. state. [2 definitions]
governor general a governor of a large region, area, or territory who has jurisdiction over other governors or deputy governors.
governorship the office, functions, jurisdiction, or term of a governor.
govt. abbreviation of "government."
go whole hog (informal) to do something as completely as possible, without holding back.
gown a dress, esp. one worn on formal occasions. [4 definitions]
go wrong to fail to function or happen properly. [2 definitions]
goy (often derogatory) a non-Jewish person.
GP abbreviation of "general practitioner," a practicing physician who does not specialize in any specific field of medicine but treats a variety of medical problems.
GPA abbreviation of "grade-point average."
GPS abbreviation of "Global Positioning System," a public satellite navigation system designed and controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense that provides an accurate global time reference and is used to determine a precise location on Earth.
grab to take hold of suddenly or forcefully; grasp. [6 definitions]