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guffaw a burst of loud or boisterous laughter. [2 definitions]
Guglielmo Marconi an Italian physicist who invented wireless telegraphy (b.1874--d.1937).
guidance the act of guiding. [3 definitions]
guide to direct along an unfamiliar course. [11 definitions]
guidebook a book that offers travel or tourist information, maps, and the like.
guided missile a missile that is capable of being guided throughout its flight until arrival at its target. (See ballistic missile.)
guide dog a specially trained dog used by a blind person as an aid and companion; seeing-eye dog.
guideline (often pl.) an indicator of a procedure or course to be followed.
guidepost a sign along a road showing direction or distance. [2 definitions]
Guides a world-wide organization for girls that teaches practical skills and independence (prec. by "the").
guideway a channel or groove that defines the path for something moving through it. [2 definitions]
guide word a word printed at the top of the page in a reference book, usu. to indicate the first or last entry on that page; catchword.
guidon a small flag carried for military identification or signaling. [2 definitions]
guild an organization of people having a common pursuit or hobby. [2 definitions]
guilder the English name for the chief monetary unit of Netherlands Antilles and, formerly, the chief monetary unit of the Netherlands, equaling one hundred cents. [2 definitions]
guildhall the hall where a guild or corporation meets; town hall.
guildsman a member of a guild.
guile deceitfulness, treachery, or skillful cunning; wiliness.
guileful intentionally deceptive; wily.
guileless without guile; sincere.
guillemot any of several black and white, narrow-billed sea birds found in northern regions.