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hands-on of or pertaining to active participation, as distinguished from mere observation or study.
handspring a complete somersault in which a person flips forward or backward onto the hands and ends with a springing return to the standing position.
handstand an act of balancing the body on the hands with the feet extended upward.
hand-to-hand involving physical contact between opponents, as in military combat.
hand-to-mouth offering or providing only the barest necessities.
hand to mouth in a way that provides only for one's barest needs at the present time without any provision for the future.
hand truck a small vehicle with two wheels and handles for moving heavy things.
handwork work done by hand rather than by machine.
handwoven woven by hand, as a basket, or woven on a handloom.
handwriting writing produced by hand, as with a pen or pencil. [2 definitions]
handy easily available or accessible. [3 definitions]
handyman a person with a variety of skills, usu. at a low level, that can be used on small jobs.
hang to suspend from a point above. [17 definitions]
hangable combined form of hang.
hangar a shelter for aircraft.
hang around to spend time in a place, or near another person, for little or no apparent purpose. [2 definitions]
hangdog pertaining to an appearance of shame, dejection, or humiliation.
hanger one who hangs something. [3 definitions]
hanger-on one who attaches himself or herself to a person or group in hope of personal advantage.
hang glider a large kitelike apparatus used for sailing in the air, usu. with a harness and handle for one person.
hanging the act, process, or instance of executing a person by means of suspending the body from a rope attached around the neck. [5 definitions]