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heart the organ that pumps blood through the circulatory system of a person or animal. [8 definitions]
heartache feelings of intense pain or grief; anguish.
heart attack a sudden stoppage of the blood supply to the heart that causes damage to the heart muscle, as in coronary thrombosis; heart failure.
heartbeat a single expansion and contraction of a heart.
heart block a disorder in the coordination of the heartbeat, resulting in the atria and ventricles contracting independently of each other.
heartbreak deep sorrow or anguish.
heartbreaking causing deep sorrow or anguish.
heartbroken afflicted with deep and sometimes lasting sorrow or anguish.
heartburn a burning sensation in the lower chest, sometimes accompanied by a small regurgitation of stomach acid.
hearten to make hopeful, confident, or glad; give heart to; encourage.
heart failure the inability of the heart to pump enough blood to and from the body tissue, often resulting in death.
heartfelt deeply felt; earnest; sincere.
hearth the floor of a fireplace, often extending outward into a room. [3 definitions]
hearthstone stone that serves as or forms a hearth. [2 definitions]
heartily in a friendly or sincere manner; sincerely. [2 definitions]
heartiness the state or quality of being hearty.
heartland a central land area, esp. one considered to be economically, politically, or militarily vital to a nation or region.
heartless having or showing no pity or compassion; cruelly unfeeling.
heart rate the number of times the heart beats in one minute, esp. as a measure of how hard the heart is working during physical exercise or emotional stress; pulse.
heartrending causing or expressing deep sorrow or anguish.
heartsease peace of mind; tranquillity. [2 definitions]