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heartthrob an object of romantic love or infatuation. [3 definitions]
heart-to-heart freely expressing feelings; open; frank.
heartwarming causing a warm feeling of satisfaction or affection.
heartwood the center part or past growth of a tree, usu. darker and harder than recent outer growth or sapwood.
heartworm a parasitic worm (Dirofilaria immitis) transmitted by mosquitos that infects the pulmonary arteries and heart of mammals, esp. dogs. [2 definitions]
hearty warm-hearted and sincere; friendly. [6 definitions]
heat the form of energy that one feels as warmth, or the state of being warm; warmth; hotness. [13 definitions]
heatable combined form of heat.
heated passionate or angry; excited. [2 definitions]
heater a device that heats or provides heat, esp. for a water supply or air space in a building. [2 definitions]
heat exchanger a device, such as automobile radiator, for transferring heat from a fluid on one side of a barrier to a fluid on the other side.
heat exhaustion a condition caused by excessive heat and characterized by dizziness, nausea, profuse sweating, and often complete collapse; heat prostration.
heath an area of wild, relatively flat, uncultivated land tending to favor only the growth of low, shrubby plants. [2 definitions]
heath aster a North American wildflower that grows in dry fields and bears small white flowers.
heathen someone who is regarded as being outside a given religious orthodoxy, esp. one not converted to Christianity, Judaism, or Islam; unconverted person. [5 definitions]
heathenize to cause to become heathen or heathenish.
heather any of several common low, shrubby, evergreen plants bearing clusters of tiny, pinkish purple, bell-shaped flowers.
heathless combined form of heath.
heating pad a pad containing insulated electric heating elements in a soft fabric covering, used to apply heat, as to a sore muscle.
heatless combined form of heat.
heat lightning lightning without thunder, seen esp. on hot evenings and believed to be reflections of more distant lightning.