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hecatomb in ancient Greece and Rome, a public sacrifice of one hundred cattle to the gods. [2 definitions]
heck (informal) a less offensive variant of the interjection "hell".
heckle to interrupt (someone) during a public speech or performance with intentionally annoying or provocative remarks or questions.
heckler one who disrupts a performance or public address with annoying remarks or questions.
hectare a unit of area equal to 10,000 square meters or 2.471 acres, used in measuring land.
hectic marked by excited activity or rapid, confusing movements; feverishly busy. [2 definitions]
hecto- one hundred.
hectogram a unit of weight equal to one hundred grams or 3.527 ounces.
hectograph a duplicating machine by which written or typed material is transferred to a gelatin surface from which copies may be made. [2 definitions]
hectoliter a unit of capacity equal to one hundred liters or 26.418 gallons.
hectometer a unit of length equal to one hundred meters or 109.361 yards.
hector (cap.) in The Iliad, the greatest warrior among the Trojans, who is killed by Achilles. [4 definitions]
he'd contracted form of "he had". ; contracted form of "he would".
hedge a solid row of bushes, often used to mark a boundary. [5 definitions]
hedgehog any one of several small, insect-eating mammals having spiny hairs or quills on the back and sides that protect the animal, esp. when it rolls itself into a ball. [2 definitions]
hedgehop to fly very low in an airplane, avoiding trees and other obstacles by rising over them.
hedgerow a row of bushes or shrubs that forms a hedge or boundary.
hedonism the ethical doctrine that pleasure-seeking should be the primary goal of humans. [2 definitions]
hedonist one who believes that pleasure-seeking should be the primary goal of humans.
hedonistic adhering to or characterized by the principle that pleasure should be the primary aim in life.
-hedral having (such) a number or type of surfaces.