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hemocytometer an instrument used to determine the concentration of cells in body fluids, esp. red and white cells in blood; hemacytometer.
hemodialysis dialysis of the blood to remove waste products normally removed by the kidneys.
hemodynamic pertaining to the flow of blood in the circulatory system.
hemodynamics the flow of blood in the circulatory system, or the study of blood flow.
hemoflagellate a flagellate protozoan that is a parasite in the blood.
hemoglobin the protein in the red blood cells of vertebrates that carries oxygen to the tissues.
hemolymph the circulatory fluid in the open tissue spaces of some invertebrates that acts as or in addition to blood.
hemolysin a substance, such as an antibody, formed in the blood, that initiates the breaking down of red corpuscles and the liberation of hemoglobin.
hemolysis the destruction of hemoglobin-bearing red blood cells and the consequent release of the hemoglobin into the blood fluid.
hemophile one who is afflicted by hemophilia; hemophiliac. [2 definitions]
hemophilia a disorder that is inheritable by males through their mothers and is characterized by excessive or spontaneous bleeding.
hemophiliac one who is afflicted with hemophilia.
hemoptysis the spitting or coughing up of blood from the lungs or bronchial tubes.
hemorrhage the act or condition of bleeding, esp. extensively from blood vessels. [2 definitions]
hemorrhoid an often painful mass of swollen veins in or at the anus; pile. [2 definitions]
hemostasis the stoppage of bleeding, by natural or surgical means. [2 definitions]
hemostat an instrument or agent that slows or stops bleeding.
hemostatic capable of stopping the flow of blood; styptic. [2 definitions]
hemp a tall-growing herb native to Asia. [4 definitions]
hemp agrimony a composite plant native to Europe and Asia that bears clusters of reddish purple flowers.
hempen of, pertaining to, made of, or resembling hemp.