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Honolulu the capital of Hawaii.
honor high public esteem or reputation. [13 definitions]
honorable deserving of respect or consideration. [2 definitions]
honorable mention recognition for one whose work or part in a competition was noteworthy, but not award-winning.
honorarium a payment or other reward made to a professional person in recognition of services for which, by tradition, there is no set fee.
honorary given or held for reasons of public honor only. [2 definitions]
honoree one who is given an honor, award, or the like.
honor guard a guard assigned to attend honorable persons or guests or to walk alongside the casket at a military funeral.
honorific showing respect, esteem, or honor. [2 definitions]
honor society a high-school or college organization for which students outstanding in academics are selected.
honor system an arrangement wherein participants in a particular program, such as students in a school, are trusted to perform various tasks or duties without direct supervision.
honour a spelling of "honor" used in Canada and Britain. See "honor" for more information.
-hood state; condition; quality; nature. [2 definitions]
hood a covering for the head and neck, often attached to a coat, jacket, robe, or the like. [6 definitions]
hoodie a sweatshirt with an attached hood.
Hood Island the seventh-largest island of the Galápagos Islands, celebrated for its population of giant tortoises.
hoodlum a gangster or thug. [2 definitions]
hoodoo religious sorcery practiced esp. by some of the Afro-Caribbean population of Haiti, Jamaica, and other Caribbean islands; voodoo. [3 definitions]
hoodwink to trick, deceive, or dupe.
hooey (informal) nonsense; foolishness.
hoof the hard horny covering that encases the foot of certain mammals such as horses, pigs, and deer. [5 definitions]