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hope to desire (something) to be true or to happen while accepting the possibility of it not being true or not coming to pass. [6 definitions]
hope chest a chest, trunk, or the like into which a young woman puts items such as clothing and household articles toward anticipated needs as a wife or homemaker.
hopeful feeling or expressing hope. [3 definitions]
hopefully in a hopeful manner. [2 definitions]
hopeless giving no grounds to be hopeful that a desired thing will happen; beyond hope. [3 definitions]
hophead (slang) a drug addict.
Hopi a member of a tribe of Pueblo American Indians of northeastern Arizona. [2 definitions]
hop in (informal) to quickly get into (a vehicle), especially in a happy and unhesitant manner.
hoplite in ancient Greece, an infantry soldier who was heavily armed.
hopper someone or something that hops. [5 definitions]
hopsacking a coarse, loosely woven material used esp. for making bags. [2 definitions]
hopscotch a children's game in which players toss a small stone or other object onto a pattern of numbered squares drawn on the ground or pavement, and then hop or jump from one square to another, picking up the stone in the process.
hora a spirited round dance, esp. of Israel and Rumania, or the music for this dance.
horde a large number, group, or crowd; throng; multitude. [3 definitions]
horehound an aromatic herb with fuzzy, whitish leaves and a bitter juice that is used as a flavoring and as a remedy for coughs. [3 definitions]
horizon the juncture of the earth and the sky as perceived by the observer. [2 definitions]
horizonless combined form of horizon.
horizontal parallel to the horizon or to the earth; ninety degrees from vertical.
horizontal union see "craft union."
hormone any of various substances secreted by the cells of the body that circulate in the bloodstream and produce specific, usu. stimulating effects in certain receptive organs or tissues. [2 definitions]
horn the hard, bony, hollow growths that extend, usu. in a pair, from the head of certain mammals such as cows and deer. [6 definitions]