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Horsehead nebula a dark nebula located in the constellation Orion.
horsehide the hide of a horse. [2 definitions]
horse latitudes the north and south latitudes at about thirty degrees north and south of the equator, marked by light winds, calms, and high pressure.
horselaugh a loud, raucous, or coarse laugh, usu. derisive; guffaw.
horseless without a horse or not needing a horse.
horseman a man who rides on a horse. [3 definitions]
horsemanship the art, technique, skill, or practice of riding horses.
horse meat the flesh of a horse esp. for use as a food or in food products.
horse of a different color something completely different.
horse pistol formerly, a large pistol used by horsemen.
horseplay rough, rowdy, or noisy play.
horsepower a unit of energy equal to 746 watts or 550 foot-pounds per second, used in measuring the power of engines. (abbr.: hp) [2 definitions]
horseradish a tall, coarse, white-flowered plant with a thick, whitish, sharp-tasting root. [2 definitions]
horse sense (informal) practical wisdom or thinking; common sense.
horseshit (vulgar) horse feces. [3 definitions]
horseshoe a narrow, flat, U-shaped piece of iron fitted and nailed to the underside of a horse's foot. [4 definitions]
horseshoe crab any of various hard-shelled sea crabs, having a united head and body of horseshoe shape and a long, stiff, pointed tail.
horse's neck a drink of ginger ale with soda water and sometimes liquor.
horsetail any of various nonflowering, spore-producing plants that have hollow jointed stems with narrow sheathlike leaves.
horse trade (informal) a session of bargaining in which both sides negotiate for goods, services, or the like in a shrewd and clever manner.
horse-trade (informal) to bargain or negotiate for something in a shrewd or clever manner.