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hot water (informal) a troublesome situation; dangerous circumstance; difficulty; predicament (usu. prec. by "in," "into" or the like).
hot water bottle a soft container made of rubber that you fill with hot water. It is used to put heat on a sore or cold part of your body.
hot-wire (informal) to start (an automobile or the like) by crossing or connecting the ignition wires, rather than by using a key.
hound a member of any of various breeds of hunting dogs, esp. one that has short hair, a deep voice, and long, drooping ears. [6 definitions]
hound's-tooth check a pattern of jagged checks used esp. in material for clothing.
hour a unit of time equal to sixty minutes. [5 definitions]
hourglass an instrument that measures time by channeling a quantity of sand or mercury through a narrow opening between two larger glass bulbs in exactly one hour. [2 definitions]
hour hand the shorter hand on a watch or a clock, which moves around the entire face twice a day and indicates the hour.
houri a beautiful young woman. [2 definitions]
hourlong lasting an hour.
hourly done or occurring every hour. [5 definitions]
house a building, usually with one set of connecting rooms, designed to be lived in by one family or one group of people, or a building that resembles this. [13 definitions]
house arrest legal confinement of a person under arrest in his or her home, a hospital, or a public building rather than in jail or prison.
houseboat a bargelike boat that has been constructed and equipped for use as a home.
housebreak to train (an animal) to eliminate waste matter either outdoors or in another designated place.
housebreaking the act or process of breaking into a house illegally with intent to steal.
housebroken trained, as a house pet, to urinate and excrete outside of the house or only in designated areas.
housecleaning the cleaning of a house and its furnishings, esp. when done thoroughly. [2 definitions]
housecoat a woman's casual robe worn only in the home, often over a nightgown or pajamas.
housedress a simple, inexpensive dress worn while working around the house.
housefly a fly that is commonly found in and around human dwellings and is known to spread a number of diseases.