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housemaid's knee chronic inflammation of the area at the front of the kneecap, usu. due to much kneeling.
housemate one who shares a house, apartment, or the like with another who is not a family member.
housemother a woman whose occupation is supervising a residence for children or students, esp. a dormitory, fraternity, or sorority.
House of Burgesses formerly, the assembly of legislative representatives in colonial Virginia.
house of cards any structure, plan, arrangement, or the like that will collapse or fail because of its flimsiness.
House of Commons the elective lower legislative house of the British and Canadian parliaments.
house of correction an institution for the confinement and reformation of those convicted of minor offenses who are not regarded as confirmed criminals.
House of Delegates the lower house of the state legislatures of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.
house of ill fame a house of prostitution; bordello.
house of ill repute a house of prostitution; bordello.
House of Lords the upper, nonelective legislative house of the British parliament, made up of the nobility and high-ranking clergy.
House of Representatives the lower legislative house in many bicameral governing bodies, as in the U.S. Congress, most U.S. states, and many nations, such as Australia and New Zealand.
house of worship a church, temple, mosque or other place where religious services are carried out.
house organ a publication put out periodically by a business or other organization for its employees, customers, or the like.
housepainter someone whose job is painting the exteriors of houses.
house party the entertainment of guests overnight or for several days in a home, vacation residence, fraternity house, or the like.
house physician the resident physician of a hospital, hotel, or other establishment.
houseplant a plant grown indoors, esp. as decoration.
house-raising a coming together of members of a rural community for the purpose of building a home or putting up the framework and roof of a home for another member.
House Rules Committee a powerful committee of the U.S. House of Representatives that determines when and how new legislation will be considered by House members. Often referred to as Rules Committee, its formal name is United States House Committee on Rules.
Houses of Parliament in the UK, the House of Commons and the House of Lords, or the building in London where the houses meet.