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idiot a stupid person; imbecile; fool. [2 definitions]
idiotic of, pertaining to, like, or characteristic of an idiot; senseless or stupid.
idiot savant (outdated; no longer in scientific use) a mentally handicapped person who displays an extraordinary talent in one particular area.
Iditarod an annual dogsled race in the U.S. state of Alaska run along a 1,160-mile route between the cities of Anchorage and Nome.
idle not active or in use; not working or scheduled to work; unemployed; unoccupied. [10 definitions]
idler one who is lazy or idle. [2 definitions]
idol a statue or image representing a deity and used as an object of worship. [3 definitions]
idolater a person who worships idols. [2 definitions]
idolatress a female idolater.
idolatrize to worship idols, or to worship someone as an idol.
idolatrous of, pertaining to, or constituting idolatry. [3 definitions]
idolatry the worship of idols. [2 definitions]
idolize to be excessively devoted to; admire unreservedly; adore. [3 definitions]
idyll a composition, often a poem, describing a simple, picturesque scene or episode such as a tale of the countryside. [4 definitions]
idyllic charmingly simple and natural, as a scene or experience; suggestive of peaceful countryside. [2 definitions]
-ie a variant of -y.
i.e. abbreviation of "id est" (Latin); that is.
-ier one involved or associated with (such an action or thing).
if on the condition that. [6 definitions]
iffy (informal) marked by uncertainty; chancy; questionable.
I formation in football, an offensive formation in which the halfback and fullback line up directly behind the quarterback.