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ides (used with a sing. or pl. verb) in the ancient Roman calendar, the fifteenth day of the months March, May, July, and October, and the thirteenth day of all other months.
Ides of March March 15 on the Roman calendar, on which Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 B.C.
id est (Latin) that is; namely.
idiocy the state of being an idiot; an intelligence level very far below normal. [2 definitions]
idiolect the language spoken by an individual, considered as a unique pattern. (Cf. dialect.)
idiom a verbal expression that cannot be understood merely by knowing the individual meanings of its elements, as with the phrase "break down," meaning "to lose one's mental stability." [4 definitions]
idiomatic peculiar to or characteristic of a particular individual or group. [4 definitions]
idiopathic of a disease or the like, having an unknown cause.
idiopathy an ailment of unknown cause or not caused by any other disease; primary disease.
idiosyncrasy a characteristic of temperament, habit, or physical structure particular to a given individual or group; peculiarity. [2 definitions]
idiot a stupid person; imbecile; fool. [2 definitions]
idiotic of, pertaining to, like, or characteristic of an idiot; senseless or stupid.
idiot savant (outdated; no longer in scientific use) a mentally handicapped person who displays an extraordinary talent in one particular area.
Iditarod an annual dogsled race in the U.S. state of Alaska run along a 1,160-mile route between the cities of Anchorage and Nome.
idle not active or in use; not working or scheduled to work; unemployed; unoccupied. [10 definitions]
idler one who is lazy or idle. [2 definitions]
idol a statue or image representing a deity and used as an object of worship. [3 definitions]
idolater a person who worships idols. [2 definitions]
idolatress a female idolater.
idolatrize to worship idols, or to worship someone as an idol.
idolatrous of, pertaining to, or constituting idolatry. [3 definitions]