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ignominy the condition of being in disgrace or dishonor; humiliation. [2 definitions]
ignoramus one who is ignorant, often ridiculously so; dunce.
ignorance the condition or fact of being ignorant; lack of education, knowledge, training, or the like.
ignorant lacking knowledge or education. [3 definitions]
ignore to refuse to recognize or fail to take notice of; pay no attention to; disregard.
Igorot a member of one of several related Malaysian tribes native to the northern highlands of Luzon, Philippines. [2 definitions]
iguana any of various large herbivorous lizards of tropical America that often have a ridge of spiny projections along the backbone.
iguanodon any of a family of plant-eating dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period that walked on two legs and had a long, heavy tail.
ihram the clothing worn by a Muslim pilgrim to Mecca, composed of one section of white cotton covering the midsection and another covering a shoulder. [2 definitions]
IHS abbreviation of a Greek rendering of the name Jesus.
ikebana the Japanese art of harmoniously arranging cut flowers, esp. in the decoration of a home.
ikon variant of icon.
IL abbreviation of "Illinois," a Midwestern U.S. state west of Indiana.
il-1 in; into; on.
il-2 not; without.
-ile of, capable of, or relating to. [2 definitions]
ileitis an inflammation of the ileum.
ileum in mammals and birds, the portion of the small intestine below the jejunum. [2 definitions]
ilex holly. [2 definitions]
iliac of, pertaining to, or near the ilium.
-ility (such) a quality or condition of being (used to form abstract nouns from adjectives ending in -le or -ile.).