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illusive of, pertaining to, or like an illusion; illusory.
illusory causing or being an illusion or illusions; unreal or deceptive.
illustrate to explain or clarify by giving examples or presenting a visual representation. [3 definitions]
illustration a picture or drawing used to illustrate a book or other work, or such pictures collectively. [3 definitions]
illustrative serving as an illustration or example.
illustrator an artist who produces illustrations, as for books or advertisements.
illustrious highly renowned; celebrated; glorious.
ill will hostility or spite.
I'm contracted form of "I am."
im-1 in; into; on. [2 definitions]
im-2 not; without.
image a visual representation of something such as can be seen in a photograph, sculpture, or painting. [10 definitions]
imagery images, esp. figurative ones, in art or writing. [3 definitions]
imaginable possible to imagine; conceivable.
imaginary existing only in the imagination.
imagination the capacity of the mind to create, as by forming images of what does not literally exist.
imaginative having or showing an active or creative imagination. [3 definitions]
imagine to create mental images of (something not known, not real, or not yet real). [3 definitions]
imagism a literary movement of the early twentieth century, esp. among English and American poets, that emphasized the use of precise images, free verse, and everyday speech.
imago a sexually mature insect. [2 definitions]
imam the officiating leader of prayer in a Muslim mosque. [3 definitions]