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immolate to kill or offer as a sacrifice, esp. by burning.
immolation an act or instance of killing as a sacrifice, esp. by burning.
immoral not in accordance with established or accepted rules and standards of right and wrong conduct, esp. those deriving from religious teachings.
immorality the state or character of being immoral; lack of morality. [2 definitions]
immortal not subject to death or decay; living forever. [5 definitions]
immortality the state or condition of being immortal; perpetual life. [2 definitions]
immortalize to make immortal; endow with unending life or fame.
immortelle a plant whose flowers retain their color when dried.
immovable incapable of being moved; fixed. [5 definitions]
immune resistant to a disease, either naturally or by medical means. [3 definitions]
immune body an antibody.
immune system the bodily system of organs, tissues, cells, and cell products, which protects the body by detecting the presence of, and disabling, disease-causing agents in the body.
immunity the state or condition of being immune to a disease. [2 definitions]
immunize to cause to be immune, as by vaccination.
immunocompromised having an impaired or weakened immune system, as by disease or drugs.
immunogenic producing immunity.
immunoglobulin a protein of the immune system that acts as an antibody.
immunology the branch of medicine concerned with antibody production and resistance to disease.
immunosuppressant a drug or other agent that inhibits the normal immune response.
immunosuppression inhibition of the normal immune response by a disease, drug, or other agent.
immunosuppressive of drugs, tending to suppress the natural immune response.