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incipient starting to exist or become apparent; in an early stage of development.
incise to cut into the surface of. [2 definitions]
incision a cut, esp. one made during surgery. [3 definitions]
incisive cutting. [3 definitions]
incisor in mammals, one of the four sharp teeth located between the canines in each jaw at the front of the mouth.
incite to bring about or cause (a disruptive action). [2 definitions]
incivility the state or condition of being uncivil; discourteousness; rudeness. [2 definitions]
incl. abbreviation of "including," "inclusive," or "included."
inclement of weather, violent or disagreeable.
inclination a tendency towards; preference; liking. [5 definitions]
incline to move from or be angled away from a vertical or horizontal position; slant. [5 definitions]
inclined having a tendency toward or preference for a particular behavior, action, or way of thinking or feeling. [2 definitions]
inclined plane a plane surface inclined at less than a right angle to a horizontal surface, used to roll or slide a load up or down.
inclinometer an instrument for measuring an aircraft's or ship's inclination relative to the horizontal. [2 definitions]
inclose variant of enclose.
in clover living in prosperity, comfort, and ease.
include to contain, as a whole contains its parts. [3 definitions]
inclusion the act of including or the state of being included. [2 definitions]
inclusive including everything, or a large amount; comprehensive. [3 definitions]
incognito in disguise; under a false identity. [4 definitions]
incognizable combined form of cognizable.