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industry the activity or process of turning raw materials into finished goods, or a particular business that does this. [3 definitions]
in Dutch (informal) in trouble or disfavor.
indu'th (poetic, archaic) endows (contracted form of "endueth").
indwell to dwell or exist within (a person, nature, or other entity) as a motivating force or principle. [2 definitions]
-ine1 of or relating to. [2 definitions]
-ine2 used in the names of chemical elements and compounds and other substances. [2 definitions]
inebriate to intoxicate with alcohol; make drunk. [4 definitions]
inebriety the condition of being inebriated; drunkenness.
inedible not suitable or safe to be eaten.
ineducable incapable of being educated or trained, usu. because of some mental handicap.
ineffable beyond description; inexpressible.
ineffaceable impossible to remove or obliterate; indelible.
in effect virtually. [2 definitions]
ineffective having little or no effect; not having the desired or intended effect. [2 definitions]
ineffectual not producing an intended effect. [2 definitions]
inefficacious unable to produce the desired result; useless; ineffective.
inefficacy incapacity for producing the desired result; ineffectiveness.
inefficiency the state or quality of being inefficient. [2 definitions]
inefficient using excessive time or means to produce or achieve results; wasteful; uneconomical. [2 definitions]
in effigy using an effigy or replica of someone, rather than the actual person.
inelastic not yielding or stretching; inflexible. [2 definitions]