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infected having or carrying a disease caused by a virus, bacterium, or other pathogen. [3 definitions]
infection the act of infecting or an instance or state of being infected. [5 definitions]
infectious capable of being transmitted by infection. [2 definitions]
infectious hepatitis an abnormal condition of the liver accompanied by inflammation, jaundice, nausea, and vomiting, that may be caused by a viral infection or poison.
infectious mononucleosis a severe viral disease, usu. occurring in children and adolescents, that causes fever, swelling of the lymph nodes, sore throat, and an increase of white cells with a single nucleus in the bloodstream; glandular fever.
infective able or likely to cause infection; infectious.
infelicitous inappropriate or unfortunate; inopportune.
infelicity the quality or condition of being infelicitous. [3 definitions]
infer to conclude or determine on the basis of evidence or logical premises. [2 definitions]
inferable combined form of infer.
inference a conclusion derived from inferring. [2 definitions]
inferential involving, based on, or deducible by inference.
inferior subordinate in rank, position, or degree. [5 definitions]
inferiority the fact or condition of being lesser in quality, worth, importance, rank, or position.
inferiority complex a neurotic condition caused by intense feelings of inferiority or inadequacy and characterized by either extreme reserve or aggressive behavior. [2 definitions]
infernal of or pertaining to hell or the world of the dead. [3 definitions]
inferno hell. [2 definitions]
infertile of land, not fertile or productive; barren. [2 definitions]
infest to spread in or overrun as a nuisance or danger. [2 definitions]
infidel one who does not believe in or accept a religious faith, esp. that of Christianity or Islam. [2 definitions]
infidelity unfaithfulness, esp. to marital vows; adultery. [3 definitions]