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inflation an increase in the average price level. [2 definitions]
inflationary of, pertaining to, or causing economic inflation.
inflationary spiral a continuous rise in prices of goods and services caused mainly by the interaction of increases in wages and costs.
inflationist one who advocates inflation through the expansion of the money supply. [2 definitions]
inflect to change the pitch or tone of (the voice). [4 definitions]
inflectable combined form of inflect.
inflection a change in the pitch or tone of a voice; modulation. [5 definitions]
inflectional of, relating to, having, or marked by inflection.
inflexible not capable of being bent, or not easy to bend; rigid. [3 definitions]
inflict to strike or administer in a physical assault. [2 definitions]
infliction the act of inflicting, or the thing inflicted.
in-flight occurring or available during a flight.
inflorescence the appearance or coming forth of flowers; blossoming or blooming. [3 definitions]
inflow that which flows in; influx. [2 definitions]
influence the power or intangible action of one thing or person which brings about an effect on another. [4 definitions]
influenceable combined form of influence.
influential having authority or influence.
influenza an acute, contagious disease in various forms, caused by a virus in humans and in some animals and characterized by inflammation of the respiratory tract, irritation of the stomach, and fever; flu.
influx the act or an instance of flowing in. [2 definitions]
info shortened form of "information."
infold to enfold or fold in.