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infiltrate to go into or through as though by filtering, esp. for destructive purposes. [4 definitions]
infiltration the slow passage of liquid through a filter or pores. [2 definitions]
infinite having no bounds or limits; not measurable; limitless. [3 definitions]
infinitesimal of a thing or quantity, too small to be measured or calculated. [2 definitions]
infinitive in grammar, the form of a verb that is unmarked for person, tense, or aspect, and that functions as a noun, adjective, or complement, such as "to leave" in "To leave now would be a mistake". [2 definitions]
infinitude the quality or condition of being infinite. [2 definitions]
infinity the character or condition of being infinite. [5 definitions]
infirm weak or ill, as from old age. [2 definitions]
infirmary a place for the care of the ill or injured, such as a hospital or clinic, or a space devoted to such care in an institutional residence such as a school or camp.
infirmity a physical weakness, disability, or illness. [3 definitions]
infix to fasten, set, or drive in. [5 definitions]
in flagrante delicto see flagrante delicto.
inflame to excite, arouse, or intensify (the emotions or passions). [4 definitions]
inflammable capable of catching fire and burning, or easy to set aflame and burn; flammable. [2 definitions]
inflammation the act or an instance of being inflamed. [2 definitions]
inflammatory tending to arouse and excite the emotions, or call forth an emotional response. [2 definitions]
inflate to enlarge, expand, or distend. [5 definitions]
inflation an increase in the average price level. [2 definitions]
inflationary of, pertaining to, or causing economic inflation.
inflationary spiral a continuous rise in prices of goods and services caused mainly by the interaction of increases in wages and costs.
inflationist one who advocates inflation through the expansion of the money supply. [2 definitions]