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inhalant something used for inhaling, such as an inhaling device, or something inhaled, such as a medicine.
inhalator an apparatus that helps one to inhale oxygen, medicine, or the like by producing a vapor or vaporizing the substance to be inhaled.
inhale to take in by breathing; breathe in. [3 definitions]
inhaler an apparatus that helps in inhaling medicinal vapor, oxygen, or the like; inhalator; respirator. [2 definitions]
inharmonic not harmonic; inharmonious; dissonant.
inharmonious not in harmony; discordant. [2 definitions]
in harness engaged in one's customary work routine. [2 definitions]
in haste hurriedly; hastily.
inhere of a quality, element, or part, to belong innately; be intrinsic, inborn, or natural.
inherent existing in or belonging to something as an essential or inborn part of its nature; innate; intrinsic. [2 definitions]
inherently by a thing's essential character; or by a person's inborn nature.
inherit to receive (money, property, or the like) through a will made by, or legal succession to, a person who has died; be heir to. [5 definitions]
inheritable combined form of inherit.
inheritance money, property, position, or the like, that is or may be inherited through a will or legal succession. [4 definitions]
inheritance tax a tax levied on property that is inherited.
inhibit to hold back, restrain, prevent, or tend to do so. [2 definitions]
inhibition the act of inhibiting, or the condition of being inhibited. [3 definitions]
inhibitor an agent that suppresses a chemical reaction or biological process.
in hock on deposit at a pawnbroker's. [2 definitions]
inhospitable of a person, group, action, or the like, not friendly or welcoming; not showing or inclined to show hospitality. [2 definitions]
inhospitality an inhospitable attitude or behavior; lack of hospitality.