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insane having a disabling mental disease; crazy; mad. [4 definitions]
insanitary not sanitary or healthy; unsanitary.
insanity persistent or permanent mental disorder or derangement. [4 definitions]
insatiable incapable of being satisfied or fulfilled; extremely greedy.
insatiate not satisfied; impossible to satisfy; insatiable.
inscape the essence of a person, place, thing, or event, esp. as expressed in poetry.
inscribe to write or impress (words or the like). [5 definitions]
inscription something that is inscribed, such as words on a monument. [3 definitions]
inscrutable impossible to comprehend or interpret; mysterious.
inseam the seam on the inner side of a pant leg, from the crotch to the hem.
insect the group of very small invertebrate animals that have segmented bodies, three pairs of legs, and usu. wings. [3 definitions]
insecticide a substance used to kill insects.
insectifuge a substance used to drive away insects.
insectivore an animal or plant that eats insects. [2 definitions]
insectivorous eating insects primarily or exclusively. [2 definitions]
insecure having insufficient protection; not safe or secure. [3 definitions]
insecurity the condition or quality of having insufficient protection or not being safe. [3 definitions]
inseminate to place sperm in the womb of (a female), esp. for reproduction. [2 definitions]
insensate not having feelings or sensations; inanimate. [3 definitions]
insensible without normal sensations; unconscious. [4 definitions]
insensitive lacking normal physical sensation or response. [2 definitions]