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insensible without normal sensations; unconscious. [4 definitions]
insensitive lacking normal physical sensation or response. [2 definitions]
insentient lacking perception or consciousness; inanimate.
inseparable impossible or difficult to divide or to conceive of as separate; tending to remain together.
insert to put or cause to be put in, into, or within. [2 definitions]
insertion the act of inserting, or something that is or will be inserted.
in-service taking place or available while one is an employee.
inset something placed in or within something else; insert. [3 definitions]
inshore toward or near the coast. [2 definitions]
inside in the inner part of; within. [9 definitions]
inside job (informal) a crime committed by someone with intimate knowledge of, or association with, the victim or the victim's property or premises.
inside of within the area or period of.
inside out reversed so that the inner surface is facing outward. [2 definitions]
insider one with privileged knowledge or access to it. [2 definitions]
insider trading the often illegal buying or selling of company stock based on information that is not made public.
inside track the shorter inside path on a curved racetrack. [2 definitions]
insidious dangerous through cunning, subtlety, and underhandedness. [2 definitions]
insight the power of mind to grasp an essential meaning or truth. [2 definitions]
insightful keenly perceptive.
insignia a badge, button, emblem, or the like that indicates membership in a certain group. [2 definitions]
insignificant having no value, importance, or significance; trivial. [3 definitions]