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insulin a hormone of the pancreas that controls the metabolism of carbohydrates by regulating the level of glucose in the blood. [2 definitions]
insulin shock hypoglycemia caused by excessive insulin in the blood, and characterized by shakiness, cold sweat, convulsions, and eventually coma.
insult to offend by speaking to or treating rudely or contemptuously. [4 definitions]
insulting causing offense or a feeling of being disrespected.
in sum in concise form or summary.
insuperable not able to be conquered or overcome.
insupportable not tolerable; unbearable. [2 definitions]
insurance a guarantee of protection against certain misfortunes that is provided by a company in return for payment of a fee. [3 definitions]
insure to guarantee against loss or harm, as with an insurance policy. [6 definitions]
insured someone protected by an insurance policy.
insurer someone or something that insures, esp. a person or company in the business of guaranteeing protection or compensation in case of loss or harm.
insurgence an insurrection; rebellion.
insurgency an armed rebellion against a government, usu. one's own. [2 definitions]
insurgent one who uses armed force to rebel against one's own government. [4 definitions]
insurmountable not capable of being conquered or overcome; not surmountable.
insurrection an act or instance of open rebellion against a government or other authority; uprising.
insusceptible not capable of being affected, as by disease or external influences; not susceptible.
in sync occurring, moving, or working together at the same time and rate; in unison; synchronized. [2 definitions]
intact remaining complete, whole, or undamaged; not changed or impaired.
intaglio a design that is carved into the surface of a hard substance, such as stone, or the process of carving such a design. [3 definitions]
intake the place at which a liquid or gas is taken into a pipe or other conduit. [3 definitions]