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in tears crying.
integer a positive or negative whole number or zero; a whole number as opposed to a fraction.
integral being an essential part of the whole. [3 definitions]
integral calculus the branch of mathematics that deals with the properties of integrals and their use in solving differential equations and determining areas, volumes, and equations of curves.
integrate to bring together and blend into a whole. [5 definitions]
integrated consisting of parts that have been blended into a harmonious whole. [2 definitions]
integrated circuit a complete electronic circuit, comprising circuit elements in a complex interconnection, imprinted or etched on a tiny chip of semiconductor material.
integration the process of bringing parts together into a whole. [3 definitions]
integrationist an advocate of racial integration.
integrity a strong sense of honesty and morality; firmness of moral and ethical character. [2 definitions]
integument something that covers, coats, or encloses, esp. a skin, membrane, coat, or other natural covering.
intellect the faculty of reasoning and understanding, esp. as distinct from emotion or will. [3 definitions]
intellectual of or relating to the intellect. [4 definitions]
intellectualism the development, exercise, or application of the intellect. [3 definitions]
intellectualize to consider or stress the rational or intellectual aspects of, esp. ignoring the emotional. [2 definitions]
intelligence the capacity to learn, reason, and understand. [4 definitions]
intelligence quotient a representation of mental age as determined by intelligence tests; IQ.
intelligence test any of several standardized tests designed to determine an individual's intelligence by his or her ability to solve certain problems.
intelligent possessing or marked by a higher than average capacity for learning, reasoning and understanding; intellectual; smart. [4 definitions]
intelligentsia the elite class of intellectual or educated people within a society, or those who consider themselves part of such a class.
intelligible capable of being clearly understood; comprehensible.