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intersensory combined form of sensory.
intersex an individual who has sexual characteristics that are intermediate between male and female.
intersexual existing or happening between sexes. [2 definitions]
intersocietal combined form of societal.
intersociety combined form of society.
intersperse to place or scatter among other things.
interstage combined form of stage.
interstate concerning or connecting two or more states, esp. of the United States. [2 definitions]
interstation combined form of station.
interstellar existing or occurring between or among the stars.
interstice a small or narrow space or interval between two parts or things.
interstimulus combined form of stimulus.
interstitial concerning, located in, or forming interstices. [2 definitions]
interstratification combined form of stratification.
interstratify combined form of stratify.
intersubstitutable combined form of substitutable.
intersystem combined form of system.
interterm combined form of term.
interterminal combined form of terminal.
interterritorial combined form of territorial.
intertidal of or concerning the section of a shore that lies between the high-tide and low-tide marks.