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intervisitation combined form of visitation.
inter vivos in law, taking place between living persons; happening during the lifetimes of the persons involved.
interwar combined form of war.
interweave to weave together. [3 definitions]
interworking combined form of working.
interzonal combined form of zonal.
interzone combined form of zone.
intestate not having made a legal will. [3 definitions]
intestinal of or relating to the intestines. [2 definitions]
intestine (usu. pl.) the lower part of the digestive system, specifically a long tube, divided into the small and large intestines, that extends in coils from the stomach to the anus. [2 definitions]
in the abstract regarded apart from the concrete or from any particular instance.
in the aisles laughing uncontrollably.
in the arms of Morpheus being asleep; sleeping deeply.
in the ascendant increasing or advancing in power, wealth, or fame.
in the ballpark (informal) approximately correct; having some margin for error.
in the bargain in addition; besides.
in the black of a business, making a profit; not in debt.
in the cards destined to happen; likely; probable.
in the chips (informal) wealthy.
in the clear free from suspicion or danger.
in the dark ignorant or uncertain.