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intr. abbreviation of "intransitive."
intra- within; inside.
intracellular inside a cell or cells.
intracranial existing or occurring within the skull.
intractable not easily controlled, managed, or persuaded. [3 definitions]
intrados the inner curve or surface of an arch or archlike structure.
intramural within the walls or confines, esp. of a school or other institution.
intramuscular within or into a muscle.
intransigence refusal to alter one's ideas or position in response to the wishes of others.
intransigent refusing to alter an idea or a position in response to others' wishes; uncompromising. [2 definitions]
intransitive in grammar, indicating a verb that does not take a direct object, such as "sit". [2 definitions]
intransitive verb a verb that is not followed by a direct object. In the sentence, "I ran for an hour," "ran" is an intransitive verb.
intraocular occurring within or surgically implanted into the eyeball.
intrastate within the limits of a state, esp. in the United States.
intrauterine existing or occurring within the uterus.
intrauterine device a small plastic or stainless steel coil or similar object inserted into the uterus to prevent conception; IUD.
intravenous existing within or entering through a vein or veins.
intrench entrench.
intrepid feeling or showing no fear; courageous; bold.
intricacy the state of being complex and involved in construction or aspect. [2 definitions]
intricate having many complexly interrelated parts, angles, or aspects; involved; elaborate.