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Islam a monotheistic religion based on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad as set forth in the Koran. [3 definitions]
Islamabad the capital of Pakistan.
Islamic of or pertaining to Islam or to the culture inspired by it.
Islamize to convert to, or come to bring into conformity with, Islam.
island a body of land smaller than a continent and completely surrounded by water. [3 definitions]
islander one born or living on an island.
island of Langerhans see "islet of Langerhans."
isle an island, esp. a small one.
islet a tiny island.
islet of Langerhans an irregular mass of endocrine cells in the pancreas that secretes insulin.
-ism practice; activity; process. [5 definitions]
ism a distinctive theory or set of beliefs or practices.
Ismaros a mountain in Thrace where, according to Greek mythology, Odysseus and his men managed to flee from Polyphemus.
isn't contracted form of "is not."
iso- equal; alike.
isoagglutination the clumping of red blood cells of a person or animal when transfused with the blood serum of another member of the same species.
isobar a line on a weather map drawn between places that have the same barometric pressure during a given time or period. [2 definitions]
isochronal equal in time or duration. [2 definitions]
isocline geological strata so compressed or tightly folded that they dip equally in the same direction.
isodynamic pertaining to or having equal force or strength. [2 definitions]
isogamete either of a pair of uniting gametes that are similar in their size, structure, activity, and the like. (Cf. heterogamete.)