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issuance the act or process of issuing.
issue the act or process of sending or coming from a particular source. [10 definitions]
issueless combined form of issue.
-ist one who does, makes, or handles. [3 definitions]
Istanbul a Turkish city at the entrance to the Black Sea; formerly Byzantium and Constantinople.
isthmian of or relating to an isthmus. [3 definitions]
isthmus a narrow strip of land connecting two larger land masses and bordered on its long sides by water. [2 definitions]
-istic of, relating to, or having the characteristics of.
istle a fiber from any of various tropical American plants such as agave and yucca, used for cords, nets, carpets, and the like.
it used to indicate an animal, abstract thing, group, inanimate object, or being of undetermined gender that has been mentioned or is about to be mentioned. [6 definitions]
itai-itai disease a painful degenerative bone disease contracted by ingesting water or food that has been polluted by industrial cadmium waste.
ital. abbreviation of "italic" or "italicized."
Italian of or pertaining to Italy or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
Italian greyhound a breed of dog similar to the grayhound, but smaller and more slender.
Italian sonnet a Petrarchan sonnet.
italic of, designating, or pertaining to a style of printing type in which the letters slant to the right, used for emphasis or for foreign words. [4 definitions]
italicize to print in italic type, or to underscore with a single line in a handwritten text. [2 definitions]
Italy a southern European country that occupies a boot-shaped Mediterranean peninsula and several adjacent islands.
itch to feel a sensation, as on the skin, that causes a desire to scratch. [8 definitions]
itching of, concerning, or marked by a tingling or irritation of the skin. [3 definitions]
itchy having or causing an itching sensation. [2 definitions]