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jackstraws (used with a sing. verb) a game in which straws or thin strips are tossed into a heap and each player picks up as many as possible without moving the rest.
jack-tar a sailor.
jack up to lift (a car or other vehicle) using or as if using a jack . [2 definitions]
Jacob according to the Old Testament, the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham from whose sons the twelve tribes of Israel descended; Israel.
Jacobean of or pertaining to James I of England or the time of his reign, from 1603 to 1625.
Jacobin a member of a society of radical democrats that used terrorist tactics during the French Revolution. [3 definitions]
Jacobite a supporter of James II of England or of the Stuart claimants to the throne following 1688.
Jacob's ladder in the Bible, a ladder from earth to heaven seen by Jacob in a dream. [3 definitions]
Jacquard a loom used for weaving elaborate designs; Jacquard loom. [2 definitions]
jactitation in law, a false boast or claim that causes harm to another. [2 definitions]
Jacuzzi trademark for a type of bath equipped with air jets that create a whirlpool effect.
jade1 one of two hard, translucent, usu. green minerals, nephrite or jadeite, or the carved and polished jewelry or decorative objects made from them. [2 definitions]
jade2 to make tired, listless, or worn-out, as through hard work or excessive exposure. [3 definitions]
jaded dulled or wearied by excessive exposure to something or by over-indulgence; sated; surfeited. [3 definitions]
jadeite the rarer, more valuable, and more varicolored variety of jade.
jade plant a popular thick-leaved houseplant that is native to South Africa and Asia.
jaeger any of several sea birds that snatch prey from weaker birds.
jag1 a sharply pointed projection; barb or tooth. [3 definitions]
jag2 a period of excessive indulgence; binge.
jagged sharply and unevenly pointed. [2 definitions]
jaguar a large wild cat, resembling but larger than a leopard, that is native to Central and South America.