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jester someone who habitually jokes or acts playfully. [2 definitions]
Jesuit a member of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic religious order for men, founded in 1534 during the Counter-Reformation.
Jesus Christ the founder of Christianity (b.4? B.C.--d.29? A.D.); according to the New Testament, the savior foretold by Isaiah, considered by Christians to be the Messiah and son of God; Jesus of Nazareth. (See Christ.)
Jesus freak (offensive) a member of a young persons' fundamentalist group strongly committed to Jesus Christ and his teachings.
Jesús Hernández Cuban journalist, founder of the independent news agency, Cooperativa Avileña de Periodistas Independientes (CAPI), and recipient of the 1999 International Press Freedom Award (b. 1974).
jet1 a stream of fluid or gas shooting from an opening, usu. with great pressure. [5 definitions]
jet2 a dense black coal capable of being highly polished, used for jewelry. [4 definitions]
jetbead a cultivated shrub of the rose family that bears white flowers and clusters of four shiny black fruits.
jet-black of or pertaining to a dark, glossy, black color.
jet engine an engine that develops thrust by the backward expulsion of a jet of fluid or gaseous products of combustion, used esp. in aircraft.
jet lag a temporary disruption of biological rhythms as the result of traveling by jet airplane across several time zones.
jetliner a commercial jet airplane used for carrying passengers or cargo.
jetport an airport designed with long runways for use by jet aircraft.
jet-propelled powered by a jet engine or engines. [2 definitions]
jet propulsion propulsion of aircraft and some small ships that results from the high-velocity expulsion of compressed outside air and hot exhaust gases through a jet nozzle.
jetsam objects thrown from a ship to lighten it, as in a storm (See "flotsam.") [3 definitions]
jet set a group of fashionable, wealthy people who reputedly travel by jet from one resort to another.
jet stream a high-velocity, generally westerly wind in the upper troposphere. [2 definitions]
jettison to throw (objects) from a ship or airplane to lighten or stabilize it, as in a storm. [4 definitions]
jettisonable combined form of jettison.
jetty1 an assemblage of rocks, timbers, or the like that extends into a body of water to protect the shore or a harbor from strong waves or currents. [2 definitions]