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katydid any of a variety of large grasshoppers, the males of which produce a characteristic song by rubbing the wings together.
katzenjammer depressing confusion. [2 definitions]
kauri a tall evergreen tree, found in New Zealand, that produces a resin used in varnishes and enamels. [2 definitions]
kayak a slender boat traditionally used by the Inuit people, consisting of a light frame pointed at both ends, covered with a waterproof skin that may be pulled tight around the waist of the passenger. [2 definitions]
Kazakh of or pertaining to Kazakhstan or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
Kazakhstan a Central Asian country south of Russia; formerly a republic of the Soviet Union.
kazoo a musical toy consisting of a small tube, one side of which has a hole covered with paper that vibrates when a player sings or hums into the tube, producing a buzzing tone.
kc abbreviation of "kilocycle," or "kilocycles," a unit of frequency equal to one thousand cycles per second or one thousand hertz; kilohertz.
kea a large brownish green parrot of New Zealand.
kebob variant of kabob.
Kechua variant of Quechua.
kedge to move (a ship) by hauling on the line of its kedge anchor, then dropping the anchor in the desired position. [3 definitions]
keel a structural part extending lengthwise down the bottom center of the hull of a boat or ship, important for stability in water. [4 definitions]
keelhaul to punish (someone) by submerging and dragging under the bottom of a vessel and up the other side. [2 definitions]
keelless combined form of keel.
keel over to faint or fall over suddenly.
keelson a timber or girder in the hull of a ship, fastened above and parallel to the keel to add structural strength.
keen1 extremely sharp; able to cut readily and finely. [4 definitions]
keen2 a loud, mournful wailing for the dead. [2 definitions]
keep to hold or retain possession of. [14 definitions]
keep an eye on to watch or tend with care.