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kettledrum a large, deep, resonant drum, hemispherical in shape and usu. played with soft mallets.
kettle of fish (informal) an awkward, difficult, or embarrassing situation.
keV a unit of energy equal to one thousand electron-volts; kiloelectron volt.
Kewpie trademark for a small doll with plump rosy cheeks and large eyes.
key1 a notched or grooved object, usu. metal, that can open or close locks. [8 definitions]
key2 a low island near shore, as off the southern coast of Florida.
keyboard a row or rows of keys used to operate a piano, typewriter, computer, or the like. [4 definitions]
key chain a chain on which keys are strung, or a key ring attached by a short chain or clip to an ornament.
key club a private nightclub to which each member has a key.
keyed equipped with or having keys, as musical instruments. [3 definitions]
keyhole a hole in a lock for inserting a key to lock and unlock it.
Key lime pie a pie with a filling made of condensed milk and lime juice.
keynote in music, the note defining the basic tonality of a piece or section of a piece; tonic. [3 definitions]
keynote speech an opening speech, as at a political convention, that outlines the main policies and issues under consideration; keynote address.
keypad a small panel with keys or buttons found on telephones, calculators, computers, and the like, used to send a signal to an electronic device.
keypunch to punch holes in (a card, tape, or the like) with a key punch.
key punch a machine, operated from a keyboard, that punches holes in cards or tape used in certain data processing systems.
key ring a metal loop or ring for holding keys.
key signature in music, the number of sharps or flats to the right of the clef on a staff, indicating the key.
keystone the central, wedge-shaped stone at the top of an arch. [2 definitions]
keystroke a stroke made on a typewriter or computer keyboard.