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kiln-dry to dry (pottery or the like) in a kiln.
kilo see "kilogram."
kilo- one thousand.
kilobar a unit of pressure equal to one thousand bars or 14,500 pounds per square inch.
kilobyte a unit of electronic storage capacity equal to 1,024 bytes, or approximately one thousand bytes. (abbr.: k)
kilocalorie see "calorie."
kilocycle see "kilohertz."
kiloelectron volt see "keV."
kilogram a unit of weight equal to one thousand grams or 2.205 pounds. (abbr.: kg)
kilohertz a unit of frequency equal to one thousand cycles per second or one thousand hertz; kilocycle. (abbr.: kHz)
kiloliter a unit of capacity equal to one thousand liters or 264.2 gallons, or to one cubic meter or 1.308 cubic yards.
kilometer a unit of length equal to one thousand meters or 0.621 mile. (abbr.: km)
kilometre a spelling of "kilometer" used in Canada and Britain. See "kilometer."
kiloton a unit of power used in measuring the force of nuclear weapons, equal to the explosive force of one thousand tons of TNT.
kilovolt a unit of electromotive force equal to one thousand volts. (abbr.: kv, KV)
kilowatt a unit of electrical power equal to one thousand watts. (abbr.: kw, kW)
kilowatt-hour a unit of electrical energy equal to one kilowatt operating for one hour. (abbr.: kwh, kWh)
kilt a knee-length, pleated, plaid wool skirt traditionally worn by Scottish men.
kilter good shape or condition.
kimberlite a type of igneous rock that sometimes contains diamonds, named after the town of Kimberley, South Africa.
kimchi a dish made of spicy, pickled cabbage that is an important part of Korean cuisine.