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knife an instrument or utensil with a handle and a thin, sharp blade, used for cutting. [3 definitions]
knight in medieval times, a warrior on horseback, esp. one who had served an apprenticeship and followed a strict code of conduct. [5 definitions]
knight-errant a medieval knight who traveled widely in search of adventures, esp. in order to right wrongs or prove his skill.
knighthood the rank or position held by a knight. [3 definitions]
knightly of, like, characteristic of, or befitting a knight.
Knights of Columbus an international fraternal organization of Roman Catholic men.
Knight Templar a member of a religious and military order founded by Crusaders in 1118. [2 definitions]
knish a flaky piece of dough stuffed with meat, potato, or the like and fried or baked.
knit to make by using either long, hand-held needles or a machine to link together loops of yarn. [9 definitions]
knitting the action of a person or thing that knits, or the work so produced.
knitting needle a long slender rod of plastic, metal, or the like for hand-knitting that is tapered at one or both ends and usu. used in pairs.
knitwear garments made by knitting.
knives pl. of knife.
knob a rounded protrusion, such as a doorknob, drawer pull, or mechanical switch. [3 definitions]
knobbly having or being full of knots or lumps; knotty.
knobby covered with or having lumps or knobs; lumpy. [2 definitions]
knock to strike something, esp. a door so as to get permission to enter (often fol. by "on"). [10 definitions]
knockabout a small sailing vessel with a mainsail, jib, and keel, but no bowsprit. [3 definitions]
knock down to force (a person or object that had been standing) to fall to the ground.
knockdown powerful enough to subdue something by striking it down. [6 definitions]
knocked down of furniture and the like, not assembled.