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knobbly having or being full of knots or lumps; knotty.
knobby covered with or having lumps or knobs; lumpy. [2 definitions]
knock to strike something, esp. a door so as to get permission to enter (often fol. by "on"). [10 definitions]
knockabout a small sailing vessel with a mainsail, jib, and keel, but no bowsprit. [3 definitions]
knock down to force (a person or object that had been standing) to fall to the ground.
knockdown powerful enough to subdue something by striking it down. [6 definitions]
knocked down of furniture and the like, not assembled.
knocker someone or something that knocks. [3 definitions]
knockknee an abnormal condition in which the legs curve towards one another at the knee. [2 definitions]
knockoff a product that is massed-produced and a cheap imitation of a popular and more expensive product.
knock off (informal) to stop (doing something, esp. something that annoys someone else). [6 definitions]
knockout the act of striking a person down and rendering him or her unconscious. [3 definitions]
knock out in boxing, to strike (an opponent) and cause that person to fall and be unable to rise within a count of ten. [5 definitions]
knock over to make (an object or person that had been standing) fall to the ground or other surface.
knockwurst variant of knackwurst.
knoll a small rounded rise of land; mound.
knot1 a tight intertwining of material such as rope, string, yarn, or the like, usu. to form a fastening. [14 definitions]
knot2 either of two species of large sandpipers.
knotgrass any of several weeds of the buckwheat family, growing low to the ground and bearing small flowers.
knothole a hole in a piece of lumber from which a knot has come out.
knotted tied in or made with knots. [3 definitions]