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LA abbreviation of "Louisiana," a southern U.S. state between Mississippi and Texas.
L.A. abbreviation of "Los Angeles," a seaport in southern California.
la in music, the syllable used to denote the sixth tone of a diatonic scale. (See sol-fa.) [2 definitions]
lab1 shortened form of "laboratory."
lab2 shortened form of "Labrador retriever."
label a slip of paper or cloth tag that bears information as to the contents, destination, owner, or use of something to which it is attached. [7 definitions]
labelable combined form of label.
labia pl. of labium.
labial of, pertaining to, or near the lips or labia. [3 definitions]
labiate having lips or parts that resemble or function like lips; lipped. [4 definitions]
labile subject to or ready for change; adaptable. [2 definitions]
labio- lip.
labiodental articulated with the upper lip and lower front teeth touching, as the sounds in English of "f" and "v". [2 definitions]
labionasal of a speech sound, articulated with the lips and resonated in the nasal cavity, as the sound "m". [2 definitions]
labiovelar of a speech sound, produced with rounded lips and the back of the tongue near or touching the soft palate, as "w" in English. [2 definitions]
labium a lip or liplike structure in a living organism, such as the folds of skin around the vulva or one of the divisions in the corollas of certain plants.
labor the expenditure of physical and mental effort in the performance of work. [9 definitions]
laboratory a place designed for scientific testing and investigation. [2 definitions]
Labor Day the first Monday in September, a legal holiday observed in Canada and the United States to honor the labor of working people.
labored produced with difficulty or effort. [2 definitions]
laborer one who labors. [2 definitions]