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lead line a line with a lead weight attached to it that is lowered into water to measure its depth.
leadoff the first in any series of actions; beginning; start. [2 definitions]
lead-off leading; beginning.
lead on to entice into making a false assumption or taking an inappropriate or unwise course of action.
lead pencil a writing or drawing implement consisting of a thin rod of graphite encased in wood.
lead poisoning chronic or acute poisoning caused by the ingestion, inhalation, or absorption through the skin of lead or lead salts, characterized by anemia, constipation, abdominal pain, or convulsions, and sometimes resulting in paralysis or coma.
lead tetraethyl see "tetraethyl lead."
lead time the period of time between the decision to begin a project and its completion, as between the planning and completed manufacture of a product.
lead up to to precede (something). [4 definitions]
leaf one of the usu. green, flat parts of a plant that grow from the stem or branch and produce food by photosynthesis, or a similar growth or structure. [7 definitions]
leafage leaves collectively; foliage.
leaf bud a bud that produces stems and leaves, but not flowers.
leaf hopper any of a family of insects that leap from one plant to another, sucking the juices and often transmitting plant diseases.
leaf insect any of various sluggish winged insects having a leaflike body in color and form.
leaf lard lard of the highest quality.
leafless combined form of leaf.
leaflet a piece of paper, often folded, that contains printed information or advertisements and is usu. distributed free of charge. [3 definitions]
leaf miner any of the larvae of various small flies and moths that burrow into and eat leaves.
leaf mold compost or rich soil consisting of decomposed leaves. [2 definitions]
leaf spot any of various plant diseases characterized by lesions or spots on the leaves.
leaf spring a long narrow spring made up of several strips or layers of metal, used in automobile suspensions and the like.