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leaf bud a bud that produces stems and leaves, but not flowers.
leaf hopper any of a family of insects that leap from one plant to another, sucking the juices and often transmitting plant diseases.
leaf insect any of various sluggish winged insects having a leaflike body in color and form.
leaf lard lard of the highest quality.
leafless combined form of leaf.
leaflet a piece of paper, often folded, that contains printed information or advertisements and is usu. distributed free of charge. [3 definitions]
leaf miner any of the larvae of various small flies and moths that burrow into and eat leaves.
leaf mold compost or rich soil consisting of decomposed leaves. [2 definitions]
leaf spot any of various plant diseases characterized by lesions or spots on the leaves.
leaf spring a long narrow spring made up of several strips or layers of metal, used in automobile suspensions and the like.
leafstalk the slender stalk by which a leaf is attached to a stem; petiole.
leafy of, covered with, or consisting of leaves. [2 definitions]
league1 an association or compact of nations, groups, or people, formally established to advance a common cause. [4 definitions]
league2 a unit of length equal to about three miles or 4.8 kilometers. [2 definitions]
League of Nations an international federation of nations founded in 1919 to promote world peace and cooperation, formally disbanded in 1946, and superseded by the United Nations.
leaguer a member of a league (often used in combination).
leak an accidental opening or crack through which something, esp. a liquid or gas, can pass out or in. [10 definitions]
leakage the process, act, or an instance of leaking; leak. [2 definitions]
leakproof that will not leak; tightly sealed.
leaky letting gas, water, or odors leak in or out. [2 definitions]
lean1 to bend or incline. [7 definitions]