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leaves pl. of leaf.
leave-taking a parting or farewell; departure.
leavings leftovers; remnants; residue.
Lebanon a Middle Eastern country on the eastern Mediterranean coast north of Israel.
Lebensraum space for living (German); additional land or territory desired by a nation for its political and economic expansion.
lebkuchen (sometimes cap.) a type of hard or chewy cookie containing citron, nuts, and honey.
Lebynthos an island in the Aegean Sea over which, according to Greek mythology, Daedalus and Icarus flew while escaping Crete.
lecher one, esp. a man, who is excessively concerned with sexual pleasure and stimulation.
lecherous given to, characterized by, or inciting lechery; lustful.
lechery an act of or tendency toward excessive sexual indulgence. [2 definitions]
lecithin any of a group of fatty substances containing phosphorus that are found in all animal and plant tissues and in egg yolk. [2 definitions]
lectern a desk or stand with a slanted top to hold books, notes, or the like for a standing speaker or reader, as in a classroom or church.
lecture a formal instructional talk given in front of an audience. [4 definitions]
lecturer a person who gives lectures, esp. at a college or university.
LED abbreviation of "light-emitting diode," a semiconductor diode that emits light when electrified, used for displaying readings on electronic watches, calculators, and the like.
led past tense and past participle of lead1.
Leda in Greek mythology, a queen of Sparta to whom Zeus, in the form of a swan, made love.
lederhosen short leather pants with suspenders worn by men and boys in Bavaria and parts of the Alps.
ledge a narrow, flat, horizontal projection from a vertical surface, esp. from a wall, as at the bottom of a window. [3 definitions]
ledger a book used to record all of the financial transactions of a business, esp. as a final record of accounts.
ledger line a short line placed above or below a musical staff to accommodate notes beyond the range of the staff.