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legitimacy the state or fact of being legitimate.
legitimate in accordance with the law or rules (used especially when the breaking of laws or rules is suspected). [6 definitions]
legitimatize to legitimate; legitimize.
legitimist one who supports legitimate authority, esp. that of a claim to a throne based on hereditary right.
legitimize to make or declare lawful or legal. [3 definitions]
legless combined form of leg.
legman anyone whose job is to run errands or gather information.
leg-of-mutton having a shape similar to a leg of mutton, esp. designating the sleeves of some garments that puff at the shoulder and narrow at the wrist.
legroom space sufficient for one to stretch out or change the position of one's legs comfortably while sitting.
legume any of the family of plants, including beans and peas, that bear their seeds and fruit in pods and have roots containing nitrogen-fixing bacteria. [2 definitions]
leguminous of, being, or resembling a legume.
leg warmers a pair of tubular coverings for the legs, usu. knitted from wool or the like, used esp. to keep the legs warm while exercising or dancing.
legwork (informal) work that requires extensive walking or traveling.
lei1 in Hawaii, a wreath or garland of flowers, usu. worn around the neck.
lei2 pl. of leu.
Leif Ericsson a Nordic explorer who was the first known European to set foot on mainland North America (b.980?--d.1020?).
leisure freedom from work or other duties or responsibilities that require time and effort; free time.
leisurely unhurried; slow. [2 definitions]
leisure suit a casual suit, worn by men, having a shirtlike jacket and matching pants.
leitmotif a recurrent theme in a musical piece or literary work that is associated with a particular character, thing, or situation.
lek1 the chief monetary unit of Albania, equaling one hundred qintar.