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lepidopteron a lepidopterous insect; lepidopteran.
lepidopterous of or relating to an order of insects consisting of the moths and butterflies.
leprechaun in Irish folklore, an elf with knowledge of secret treasure for whomever can catch him.
leprosy a progressive disease caused by bacterial infection that affects skin and nerves and produces ulcerations, swelling, spreading anesthesia, and loss of fingers and toes.
leprous of, characteristic of, or resembling leprosy. [3 definitions]
-lepsy seizure; attack; fit.
leptin a protein hormone made by fat cells that inhibits hunger.
lepton1 a former monetary unit of Greece equalling one hundredth of a drachma.
lepton2 any of a group of subatomic particles such as the electron, muon, and neutrino that have a spin of one-half and very little or no mass.
leptospirosis any of various systemic infections in humans and animals, variously affecting the eyes, kidneys, liver, or the like, that is caused by a genus of spiral-shaped bacteria found in water and sewage.
lesbian pertaining to homosexual relations between women or to women who are homosexual. [2 definitions]
lese majesty a crime against or affront to the dignity of a ruler, sovereign, or head of state. [2 definitions]
lesion any structural change to an area of tissue, caused by injury or disease and usu. in the form of an open wound, ulcer, or the like.
Lesotho a country in southeastern Africa that is surrounded by South Africa.
lespedeza any of a variety of plants related to the pea, having trifoliolate leaves that are grown for forage, soil improvement, and the like.
-less not having; without; lacking. [2 definitions]
less comparative of "little." [6 definitions]
lessee one who holds or occupies property by lease.
lessen to become or make smaller in degree, amount, or size.
lesser a comparative of "little." [3 definitions]
lesser-known less well-known.