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licking (informal) a thrashing or beating, esp. given as punishment. [2 definitions]
lick into shape to complete satisfactorily through hard work or discipline.
lick one's chops to anticipate or await with keen pleasure.
lickspittle a fawning flatterer; toady.
licorice a European plant of the legume family, having a strong, sweet odor and flavor similar to anise. [3 definitions]
lictor in ancient Rome, a minor official who carried the fasces and cleared the way for the chief magistrates whenever they made a public appearance.
lid a hinged or removable cover for a container such as a dish, jar, or trunk. [6 definitions]
lidless combined form of lid.
lidocaine a synthetic crystalline compound used as a local anesthetic and in controlling an erratic heartbeat.
lie1 an untrue statement made on purpose; intentional falsehood. [5 definitions]
lie2 to be in or place oneself in a flat, horizontal, or reclining position. [8 definitions]
liebfraumilch (sometimes cap.) a white Rhine wine produced in Germany.
Liechtenstein a tiny central European country between Switzerland and Austria.
lied a German ballad or art song.
Liederkranz trademark for a soft strong-flavored cheese.
lie detector an instrument that tracks a person's vital signs and records changes in them as a measure of the truthfulness of the subject's statements while being tested; polygraph.
lie down to put yourself into a flat, resting position.
liege a feudal lord or sovereign entitled to allegiance and service. [4 definitions]
liegeman a feudal vassal; subject. [2 definitions]
lie in state of a corpse, to be exhibited in public prior to burial so that others may pay their respects.
lie in wait to await a chance to make a surprise attack.